It is essential for you to follow the listed guideline so that you can win your case after a slip and fall accident. It is very traumatizing to slip and injure your body. It is possible for you to get injured even though it is not your fault.  This experience is harrowing for people who have disabilities or are elderly.If you slip, and you are on a public place or in a store you should take the following steps.
 It is advised that you Visit a medical practitioner after the accident. There is a misconception that if you do not feel any pain at the moment, you should not go to see a medical practitioner. This step is not correct because some injuries are only physical after some time has passed click here .You are likely going to experience some shock and receive physical pain after you slip and fall. You will have proof that the incident occurred if you go to a physician to examine your injuries. This homepage explains more.

You will be on the right track if you took the time to report the slip and fall incident to the authority that is in charge of the facility.  The facility does not matter whether it is in a public place or shop that the incident has occurred.   It is advised that invest some time in writing down whatever has happened on a document.  You would be on the right track if you ensured that the manager or landlord records the entire incident and signs the date.You should request them to give you a copy of the documentation before you leave the area  this product .  Make sure that you indicate the relevant steps that you have already taken, and you should also include photos of your injuries.
 It is recommended that you get witnesses to write down what happened during the accident.   It is recommended that photos are provided showing the place where you fell down and well as having details of the events that took place when the accident took place.You should be able to capture if the area was watery or surrounded by ice which resulted to you slipping.  Talk to a lawyer for guidance even if you are not interested in going to court over the incident.You will get sound advice and remember that most of the lawyers offer a free consultation. You can also discover more on these platforms. 
Essential Actions You Should Take When You Have Been Injured After Slipping And Falling
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